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Grit & Grace Women’s Circle begins in January

Dec 20, 2023

We are delighted that Sharon James will be joining us in January to host her ‘Grit & Grace’ women’s circle at the clinic.

A beautiful space to connect deeply with yourself and other women in a truly nourishing, healing and transformational way.

It is called a circle because you literally sit in a circle where everyone is equal. A circle is a shared space for every woman to be loved, accepted and celebrated as her true self – a safe space to be yourself, to support and be supported.

Why join a Grit & Grace women’s empowerment circle?


Sharon is a Leadership and Life Coach, Facilitator and NLP Practitioner with a passion for helping others create and lead joyful, meaningful lives right now, regardless of their life circumstances. Grounded in the “mastery of self”, Sharon helps people create “real change” in a “real” world. Using an intuitive, challenging style, Sharon “rocks the boat” in a way that supports people in liberating their untapped potential and achieving their life goals. Her 30 years in positions of leadership, coaching leaders as well as “life’s lessons” have evolved her practice to help people let go of who they feel they should be to become their authentic selves, inside and out. You can find out more about Sharon and her work here:

The Grit & Grace circle takes place at the clinic on Wednesday 17th January 12:45 – 14:45pm.

Book your space today using this link: or contact Sharon for further information. We are looking forward to this new and exciting way of connecting with yourself and others.

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