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Skiing exercises to get you ready to hit the slopes

Nov 25, 2021

Have you booked your skiing holiday? Are you ready to hit the slopes? ⛷️

We’ve got seven exercises for skiing that will help get you ready to manage the moguls, glide the slopes and have fun in the snow. 7 days of ski fitness!

No. 1: Squats for skiing

A classic exercise. Weight-bearing, functional and easy to do (even if you don’t have a ball).

Try a couple of sets of 10 at a steady pace, with control, maintaining a good connection to the floor and hinging at the hips.

No. 2: Reverse lunges

Step back, even the weight through both feet and keeping the body upright, drop the back knee towards the floor.  (It’s an up and down move, not a forwards back)

Try 8-10 each side 👍


No. 3: Single leg squats

Single leg squats – give them a go!

A great exercise to challenge balance and stability, try 5-8 each leg.

No. 4: Walking lunges

Try forwards and backwards for an extra challenge!

No. 5: Shoulder press exercises for skiing

Ski fit arms! Don’t forget your upper body when training for skiing. It’s important to add variety to your training and give your legs a rest day.

Try shoulder press 2×10 to start with 💪


No. 6: Lateral arm raises

Try 8/10 reps twice through, keeping your arms parallel to the floor.


No. 7: Jump squats for ski fitness

Add a dynamic exercise to your training to build power to your legs!

Try all these exercises for skiing if you can. We recommend you do 8-10 repetitions for each exercise, twice through, anything up to twice or even 3 times per day.

If you have any health concerns before or after your skiing holiday, we can help. With physiotherapychiropractic treatment or sports massage to address any aches and pains, through to PilatesYoga and other wellbeing classes to boost your long-term balance and posture.

Book your class or appointment today or call our friendly, expert team on 01202 473800.

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